Welcome to the Wissett Parish Council website

Welcome to the Wissett Parish Council website

Fight the decision of ECCH to close the Patrick Stead Hospital in Halesworth.

You will see from the attached that the various organisations which are involved with the health and wellbeing of the residents of Halesworth have come together to fight the decision of ECCH to close the Patrick Stead Hospital in Halesworth.

Some of our parishioners may use the Patrick Stead Hospital and/or the Rayner Green Resource Centre and you may wish to write and help the support group fight to keep these valuable resources. <CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO LETTER>


Community transport in Wissett

bact community transport runs services in the Wissett area of the Waveney district. Click on the below links for details;

Details               Door to Door Map               Connecting Bus Map

To book these services or find out more phone 01986 896896 or cick; www.bactcommunitytransport.org.uk


Waveney District Plan

At the May 2016 Parish Council meeting, the Council discussed what impact the new plan might have on the village. The land opposite Brick Hill Cottages has been submitted by the owners as a site for potential future development, and, as the ‘appeal for sites’ phase is still open, there might be other sites put forward.

There is no immediate cause for alarm! These district plans are put together from time to time to identify sites for new housing, businesses etc. that might be developed in the future. Their purpose is to see which ones are feasible in relation to the availability of local services, utilities, medical facilities, access etc. as well as what impact such developments might have on the existing local community.

Many sites are being put forward all over the Waveney district and a very large number will never get developed. All such sites need a commercial developer who wants to build on them and normal planning application and building regulations will apply.

Waveney is hoping to have its new plan agreed in two years time and admit they are being optimistic about getting it settled that quickly.

You can view the plans and register your comment using the below link.


The Parish Council response to Waveney District Council can be found by clicking HERE


Garden Waste Collection - Please be aware that Waveney are stopping the free green bin collection from 29th February 2016 Click here for a link to Waveney explaining.


Waveney District Council publish village profiles for their area. You may find the following link of interest.

Wissett Village Profile May 2015


This site was started in February 2015 with the intention of giving the people of Wissett a central point for seeing the activites of the Parish Council, as well as other local information.

There are tabs at the top to access the Parish Council information and The Wissett Web, our local newsletter, published every 2 months.

Other tabs give information on Wissett, an events page, and a gallery of local pictures.

Links to the Wissett Plough, Halesworth Museum, St Andrews Church & Valley Farm Vineyards (AKA Wissett Wines) are shown on the left of this page.

We hope this is of interest to you, and would welcome any suggestions or ideas to improve.

Should you wish to contact us, please email Bill Simpson, Parish Clerk at wissettparishclerk@btinternet.com


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